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How to Apply for a Grant

To apply please complete the application form to the right and send it to us with the key documents listed below

Key documents

We require you to provide the following information in order to ensure the application meets the criteria and is not fraudulent:

  • a witnessed copy of a passport or driving license for the applicant. If the applicant is under 18, we also need the same for the parent(s) or carer(s) (where applicable). To witness a copy, we need a professional involved with the applicant or family to sign the photocopy to acknowledge it is legitimate. You can also witness a copy by booking an appointment with the Early Help Service.
  • proof of address for the applicant. If the applicant is under 18, then we also need proof of address for the parent(s) or carer(s)
  • proof of financial need. This can be income support statements, housing benefits details or JSA letters
  • if the applicant attends school/college/university, proof will be required
  • copy of birth certificate (to show where the applicants birth was registered)


Once the paperwork has been handled

If it has not been discussed before, we will assess the application to see if it is suitable to progress further.

Additional security checks are then completed by the Corporate Investigations Team. If they return a clear status, we will proceed to drafting a report. The report states:

  • what is being requested by the applicant
  • some relevant details about family circumstances and how this will benefit the advancement of life in line with what grants are given for

All applications are written with anonymity intact for an applicant. Recent reports can be seen within the Administration Committee portal.

Additional stipulations can be added to what is being requested by an applicant. For example, if funding is sought for a two year training course, funds can be split across two years and proof of continuing study will be required before further funds are released.

If any additional supporting material is requested to strengthen a case, the applicant could be contacted for further information.

Making the decision

This report goes to the Administration Committee and is presented by the Director for Family Services at a meeting for decision. If the decision is made to provide the grant, the applicant will have to sign an agreement to adhere to the requirements (within reason) and a cheque will be released. We will ask to see copies of receipts to show the funds have been spent as agreed. Funding will be withheld if, as agreed, evidence is not submitted.

You will be informed if the application has been unsuccessful. Sometimes the Committee will suggest amendments to an application and will allow it to be resubmitted.

Last Updated 04/12/2018

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