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Enhanced SEN Inclusion Fund (SENIF)

The Enhanced SEN Inclusion Fund (SENIF) is available to ensure the inclusion of children with additional needs in early education. 

The Enhanced SENIF is for: 

  • 3- and 4-year olds (no matter where they live) who are taking up any number of hours of free entitlement who have lower level or emerging SEN and those who may at a later stage require an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), particularly if they do not receive targeted early intervention support; and 

  • 2- year olds (living in the bi-borough) with significant delays in one or more of the prime areas. They do not have to be in receipt of the Free Early Education Entitlement. 


Who can apply? 

All early years providers who are eligible to receive funding for the 3 and 4 year old early education entitlement may apply. Please note that this funding is not available for children who attend a reception class or for children who have an EHCP. 

You must have parental consent to submit an application. 


Funding Options 

The level of funding will be based on the individual needs of the child and will be time limited. A new application form needs to be submitted for each term. Funding can be requested for the following: 

  • Specific Equipment
  • Adaptations to the environment
  • Adult Support 


How to apply 

Please complete the application form and send to with any accompanying reports/documents as necessary. This should include an SEN Support Plan or IEP for any 2 year olds as a minimum. Please write Enhanced SENIF Application in the subject line of your email. If you have any queries, please contact the Early Years Team by email on

Please note that there are a few changes in the way that funding will be accessed from September this year.


  • SENIF Guidance Document 

This is a document that gives you an overview of the purpose of SENIF and outlines how you need to go about applying.

  • Thresholds of Needs Framework

 This is a key document that you need to use before deciding the type of funding you will be applying for.


We are introducing three different types of funding:


BAND A - SENIF Group Funding

BAND B - SENIF Individual Application

BAND C - SENIF Individual Application

Up to £500 per child per term

Up to a £1000 per child per term

Lower level – Up to £1500

Higher Level – Up to £3.300



Maximum number of applications - 3 per child


  • Group Funding (BAND A)

 We are introducing group funding for children who have lower level and emerging needs and would benefit from being included in small group intervention groups. Please ensure that you use one form for all children in your setting who would benefit from this type of funding.

  • SENIF Application Form (BANDS B&C)           

This is the application form that can be used to apply for targeted SEN Support and personalised SEN support.

  • Monitoring for

This is the form we will be using for all children regardless of whether they have accessed group funding or targeted or personalised SEN Support.


Please liaise with your early years and inclusion advisor before submitting a SENIF form.

Last Updated 14/09/2021

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