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No Barriers at Home

No Barriers at Home is an innitiative by BIG IDEAS. The innitiative lets young people discover twelve inspirational footballers, past and present, who have challenged barriers in their lives including gender inequality, racism, antisemitism, mental health and disability. Supported by short videos, the creative activities that accompany each Champion can be carried out independently at home.

The project culminates with the Create Your Own Champion Challenge in which young people create their own No Barriers Champion card, celebrating someone who has made a positive impact in their community. This could be a member of their group, a youth worker, their family, someone who they believe makes the world a better place for the people around them. We will then be spreading the word of these Community Champions stories throughout the summer.

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Big Ideas
 020 3011 5275
Big Ideas No Barriers

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Big Ideas
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465C Hornsey Road
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Last Updated 04/05/2021

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