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Little Wormwood Scrubs 2km Family Fun Run

Every Sunday we hold the Little Wormwood Scrubs Fun Run.  Starting at 11am.  Meet at the vehicle entrance on Dalgarno Gardens, W10 5LL (near the notice board).

If you want to find out any more information, or simply let us know your interested please email [email protected] 

Bring your own refreshments.

Who to contact

 [email protected]
Drop in services

Where to go

Little Wormwood Scrubs
Dalgarno Gardens
W10 5LL

What is a drop in?

  • A place where you can stay with your child and meet other parents and carers, and their children.
  • A place where you and your child can make new friends.
  • A warm and friendly environment full of toys and fun activities from messy play to a quiet book area.
  • A place where you can get advice and support from friendly staff and other professionals (eg, a speech and language therapist).
  • A place where you can bring lunch for your child and enjoy social time.
  • A place that organises outings, events and celebrations to reflect our multi cultural society.

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Every Sunday at 11am
Time of day

Other Details


Other notes

Caring for children from birth to 4 years

Last Updated 07/05/2022

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