Fear Less Triple P


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The course for parents with children aged 6-16 who struggle with anxiety. 

  • Everyone experiences anxiety occasionally.
  • Anxiety is a normal response that can be helpful and typically passes quickly.
  • However, anxiety can sometimes get overwhelming.
  • Learning to manage anxiety effectively is a life skill.

This free 6 week course offers fast, easy and effective techniques and information about:

  • Key anxiety-management skills that parents can teach children
  • An understanding of how anxiety works
  • Knowledge of how to help children develop coping skills and face feared situations 
  • How to manage children's anxious behaviour effectively

Registration required. 

Who to contact

07872 565 318 07872 565 318
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Where to go

Unit A, Swanscombe House
1 St. Anns Road

W11 4SS

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When is it on
Thursday 6th June - Thursday 11th July, 10.30am-12noon
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