Register for Sing to Live, Live to Sing workshops

Before you register for Sing to Live, Live to Sing workshops

As part of your application, you will be asked to complete a three page registration form. You must accept the singer's agreement before submitting the form to the arts team to process.

The form should take 10-15 minutes but if you are unable to complete it, you can save the form. Click the save link and enter your email to receive an email copy.


After you register for Sing to Live, Live to Sing workshops

We will send you a confirmation email to acknowledge receipt of your application. 

The completed application will be sent to the arts team to process. In the meantime, you can start attending your chosen workshops straight away.

We will be in touch to confirm your details that you submitted once you are registered on the programme.

Optional baseline health questionnaire

At the end of your application you will be invited to complete an optional health questionnaire.

We are interested in finding out if the workshops have measurable benefits for health and well-being.

This questionnaire asks for information about yourself and your general health and wellbeing.

The information you provide will help us understand who takes part in the programme. It will also help us to find out if there are people we are not reaching who could enjoy taking part. 

Your answers are confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside the Sing to Live, Live to Sing team.

The research is led by the Council's Public Health Service.

Use of your information

If you choose to complete the questionnaire the Council will only use the anonymised results from the questionnaire. We use this to make a case for funding the programme, and to publish in reports as case studies to national research inquiries.

The information provided on the questionnaire will not be used for any other non-stated purposes. It will be held securely by the council and in accordance with our records retention schedule.

Your questionnaire will be held separately from your form.

Sing to Live, Live to Sing Health Questionnaire