Emslie Improvements Project

Results of the consultation on improving Emslie Horniman’s Pleasance – May 2011

Councillor Paget-Brown, The Cabinet Member for Environment, Transport and Leisure has now reviewed all the comments made about the park by the 300 people who took part in the consultation.  He and the parks management team have considered the suggestions put forward carefully, and we are now starting work on a detailed plan for improving the following areas of the park.

Playground – the playground was replaced in May 2012 using the ideas put forward by local children and parents.

Toilets – these have now been completely refurbished, and the access arrangements looked at carefully to make sure they are suitable for everyone to use.

Seating – more seating, including picnic tables, will be put into the park in the areas requested including the large grass area, the stepped area, and near the pathfinder playground

Voysey Garden – we will draw up a plan to restore the garden to its former standard, and then look at how we can open it to the public

Games Court – this will be replaced with a new Multi-Use Games Area with better surfacing, new floodlights and refurbished changing rooms.

Planting – A new planting programme is already starting to make the park more colourful and attractive and this will continue.

Footpaths – the cobbles at the side of the footpaths and planted areas will be replaced with safer materials.

Dog toilets – the location of the toilets and after-hours access will be reviewed.

Café – furniture for café users will be put in to make it a more welcoming experience for all.

You can read the full report from the consultation here.  This includes the Parks Management Team’s responses to points raised.

If you have any questions about the improvements to the park please email leisure.services@rbkc.gov.uk