Food safety at Carnival

Food safety

It is your responsibility to ensure that your food does not make the public ill. 

Here are some key dos and don'ts for catering at the Carnival:

Plan carefully

  • don't prepare or cook foods too far in advance
  • don't bring more food than you can store safely
  • don't leave food around on the stall for several hours
  • do cook food thoroughly


Temperature control

  • do keep hot food hot (above 63°C) and cold food cold (below 8°C)
  • don't leave food around on the stall for several hours
  • do cook food thoroughly
  • don't cut the cooking time because you have a queue of people waiting
  • make sure food is thoroughly thawed before cooking


Avoid contaminating food

  • don't let raw foods or unwashed fruit come into contact with food that is ready to eat
  • do use separate utensils, chopping boards and knives for raw and cooked foods
  • do display food off the ground
  • do cover food with cling film, foil or place food in plastic containers


Personal hygiene

  • do wear clean over-clothing
  • do wash your hands regularly, especially after handling raw food or refuse
  • do cover cuts and sores with waterproof plasters
  • don't cough or sneeze over food
  • don't smoke whilst on the food stall


Refuse: refuse can be a fire risk as well as attracting flies and vermin

  • you must keep your refuse in plastic sacks within your allocated area
  • waste fats and oils should be stored in containers - do not pour into drains
  • bagged refuse should be put into the street at the end of the day, when it will be collected by the Council
  • hot coals are a fire risk and will damage roads and pavements - please damp them down and dispose of them in a suitable container
  • the Council will recover the costs of damage to the highway

Please respect residential property - do not use it for storage or disposal of refuse.

For further information contact: Carnival Office (Council offices), Pembroke Road Annexe, 37 Pembroke Road, W8 6PW