Frequently asked questions about street parties

Guidelines for organising local street parties in the borough including questions and answers which will help with your application.

These guidelines apply to local street parties only. For advice on larger events and event open to the public, please contact us on tel: 020 7341 5762, or email us at:

Can the council refuse?

Yes, if there are planned works or other activities or if the location is not suitable such as on a major road or bus route. However we will try to help you find alternative dates or a better location. We will refuse your application if the Police or other emergency services have objections. 

How much will it cost?

That’s up to you, it’s your party. We will not charge you anything for helping you to plan your party.

Can we close the road?

Probably, if the street is not used by a large amount of through traffic, is not a bus route or a priority route for emergency vehicles. If you do close the road we ask you to put up signs advising drivers and make sure any barriers are manned so they can be quickly moved if needed.

Organisers must arrange to clear any part or the whole of the street immediately if asked by a the emergency services, a utility company attending emergency works or a Council officer .

You must allow pedestrians to pass freely through the road.

What about parked cars?

We cannot suspend parking bays for you but why not have a word with your neighbours and see if they can park elsewhere for a few hours to give you more room. Make sure your neighbours know when the party will start so they can move their cars.

Can we decorate the street?

Yes, we love bunting - it's traditional and looks great on properties and along streets, but please talk to us before hanging anything from lampposts so we can advise you on the best method of fixing and appropriate height. contact us at

Please take care not to damage any street furniture, trees, road surfaces or signs as you will be held responsible for the cost of any repairs or replacement if anything is damaged.

What about electricity supply?

If you need an electricity supply for your party it must come from one of the properties in the street. Consider the safety aspects - make sure you use a Residual Current Device as a safeguard and do not hang electrical wires or cables across the street.

Do we need insurance cover?

It is in your own interest to take out public liability insurance so you are covered in the event of a claim being made against you for an accident or damage caused by your party. Any reputable insurance company should be able to advise you on this.

Do I need to do a risk assessment?

Not formally, but it’s important that you and your neighbours think about how you can minimise things going wrong and reducing risks to people, equipment or the road. Common sense things - What would you do if there was bad weather? Can you use plastic plates and cups rather than glass?

What about food and drinks?

You only need a licence if you intend to sell food or drink. Bringing a bottle or food to share with your neighbours does not require a licence. If you do want to sell food or drink, please contact us on tel: 020 7341 5762, or by email at:

We're playing music - do we need an entertainment licence?

No - if your street party is a private party for residents and the music is not advertised in advance to attract people, and you’re not making money then there is no need for a licence for your music, whether it’s live or recorded.

Please be considerate and remember that some residents may not be able or may choose not to attend the party. Please do not play music too loudly. See our advice on acceptable noise standards.

We’re having a tombola/raffle - do we need permission?

Probably not. If the tickets are sold on the day and the prizes are not worth more than £500 in total then it will be exempt from gambling regulations (however, if tickets are sold in advance of the event, you will need a lottery registration but do speak to us first). Any proceeds from the tombola/raffle must go to a good cause or be used to cover the cost of your party.

Do we need to clean up afterwards?

Yes, you will need to clean up after your street party. It’s your street, your party, so keep your local area clean and tidy. Let people know in advance what time the party will finish and have a section set aside for bin bags and recycling. For further advice see Bins and recycling.