Carnival clear up

The Council's clean-up operation will get under way within minutes of the close of the Carnival.

Street cleaning after the Carnival

A team of street cleaners, refuse staff and waste managers along with a huge fleet of some 30 vehicles will lead the clean-up.

The area of the Carnival Clear Up operation covers all roads and footways in the area bounded to the south by Holland Park Avenue and Notting Hill Gate and the Borough boundaries to the East, North and West.

A comprehensive plan for cleansing has been submitted by Suez; the Council's refuse collection and street cleansing contractor. The plan is based on the Carnival's previous three clear up operations and has been reviewed by council staff and the police.

On the evenings of the two days of Carnival, Suez vehicles and crews assemble in time to enter the Carnival areas at 8pm. Suez’s plan will follow established practices where teams are allocated specific areas to cleanse. Additional teams are tasked with dealing with problem areas and provide back up to the other teams. Suez commence the clear-up operation as soon as the Police give the instruction to go in, the Police make this judgement based on how many Carnival visitors are still in the area.

This year we will make an effort to separate recyclable materials from the rest of the rubbish.

The cleansing on Sunday/Monday morning should be completed by 10am. The Monday night/Tuesday morning cleansing operation is much heavier as Monday is usually the busier day. This operation therefore continues for longer and the priority for the teams are to ensure that the bus routes are clear and the market areas in Portobello Road and Golborne Road are ready for the next days trading.

The whole of the Carnival area needs to be cleared of the bulk of litter and rubbish by Tuesday midday and restored to the standards laid down in the Environmental Protection Act 1990's, code of practice by Thursday evening. An array of equipment is deployed to achieve this including mechanical sweepers that are used to repeatedly cleanse the gutters and the centre islands of all roads. High-pressure pavements washers are used to remove foods and liquid stains from the pavements.


During the two weeks following the Carnival, Suez will also use footway degreasing machines to remove grease and oil stains on the worst affected pavements. Rainwater gullies are also cleansed and flushed after carnival.

Please contact the Streetline Team for these services on 020 7361 3001.

Last updated: 19 May 2020