Notting Hill Carnival 2023

Safety at Carnival

Fire precautions from the London Fire Brigade


If you are planning a barbeque, please check your property owners’ and landlords’ rules as necessary and keep in mind they are prohibited in public places including parks.

  • Ensure the barbeque is on a flat surface on level ground so it does not tip over. 
  • Never use petrol or paraffin to light your barbeque. 
  • Never use any flammable liquids on barbeques.
  • Keep the barbeque outside, away from buildings, fences, sheds and furniture.
  • Never use disposable barbeques indoors, on balconies or dry grass – a common cause of fire-spread, especially during the summer. 

If a fire breaks out

  • Warn other people and get out and stay out.
  • Call the Fire Brigade by dialling 999.
  • Know the escape plan for your property, how and when to escape. 

The London Fire Brigade carries out home fire safety visits and will fit free smoke alarms where needed. Visit the London Fire Brigade website for more details.

Safety advice

Notting Hill Carnival is a fantastic event and we want to make sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time. Staff from the emergency services will be in the area during Carnival.

A number of first aid centres will also be in operation, together with medical response teams and ambulances.

Check the weather forecast before coming and, if it’s going to be hot, wear a hat, apply sunscreen and drink plenty of water.

At Carnival look out for signs of yourself or others feeling unwell due to heat. Visit the NHS website to find out how to recognise heatstroke.

Move to a cool place as soon as possible, slow down and drink water if you feel unwell. If you need medical help go to one of the first aid centres.

You can find more advice from the NHS on heatwaves and how to cope in hot weather on the NHS website.

To avoid picking up a tummy bug, wash and sanitise your hands as often as you can. Please do not attend Carnival if you are feeling unwell.

Lost people

If you come across a lost person or lose a person yourself, please contact a steward or police officer as soon as possible for assistance.

Medical emergencies from The London Ambulance Service and St John Ambulance

First steps

If the patient is mobile, please direct or assist the patient to the nearest First Aid Centre. If the patient cannot move – call for help. Police, medical or stewarding staff nearby can help more quickly than phoning for assistance.

Help us to help you

If you cannot see police, stewards or medical staff immediately, dial 999 and tell us:

  1. If the patient is conscious/breathing
  2. A description of what is wrong
  3. Any signs of major external bleeding or difficulty breathing
  4. Age, gender and number of patients
  5. The exact location of the emergency – look for house numbers, street names, landmarks, shops or the nearest junction. If you use ‘What Three Words’, you can give your specific location using the platform to emergency services also.

Please stay with the patient until medical assistance is received and prepare to signal to medical staff arriving at your location. 

Last updated: 9 August 2023