Napoleon Garden

Napoleon Garden is a small discreet part of Holland Park which has been used to showcase sculpture throughout since the nineteenth century. Since the first modern piece, The Maid by Eric Gill first appeared, Napoleon Garden has provided an inspiring setting for contemporary sculpture, where residents and visitors can take time out from the bustling city to explore and enjoy new work in an historic space.

Over the years the garden, which takes its name from a bust of Napoleon by the Venetian sculptor Canova, has celebrated artists such as David Nash RA and Bryan Kneale RA, who have both exhibited works there.

In 2012, the Royal British Society of Sculptors (RBS) launched a programme to celebrate the contribution of women to sculpture in a series of exhibitions of contemporary work in the historic space of the Napoleon Garden. The partnership between the Council and the Royal British Society of Sculptors (RBS) epitomises the strong commitment of both organisations to promote excellent art in appropriate public settings.

Details of the next piece to feature in the RBS programme of contemporary female sculptors in the Napoleon Garden will be announced here in due course.

Promenade, by Sir Anthony Caro on the North Lawn