What we do to prepare for Carnival

Delivery of forecourt trading and balcony/roof safety letters

We deliver forecourt letters by hand to all trading premises with a forecourt attached on:

  • Golborne Road
  • Portobello Road
  • Ladbroke Grove
  • Westbourne Grove

Balcony/roof letters are sent to properties that are on the Carnival route.


Pre Carnival clear-up

This is a labour-intensive exercise to improve local public safety in the Carnival area.

At least two weeks before Carnival, site visits are made to all builders working within the Carnival area. This is to tell them they need to secure the property they are working on over the Carnival Weekend. We will give advice about how to secure scaffolding, materials, hoardings and builders' materials.

We will remind any property in the Carnival area that has a skip on the highway to remove it by 12 noon on the Friday before Carnival.

Any ‘Statutory undertakers’, such as water contractors, carrying out any type of work on the highway will be told to secure their sites. They are advised to secure these sites by Friday before Carnival.


What we will do before Carnival

On the first week of the pre Carnival clear-up, officers will also be checking gardens in properties and basement areas. They will be advising residents about the removal of unfixed items. They will also be compiling a list of dumps that will need clearing.

The week before Carnival, enforcement efficers working with cleansing contractors will cover Carnival area. Over a six day period from Monday to Saturday, they will be visiting and checking all gardens and basement areas. This is to see if there is anything that still requires removal.

We will give property owners the opportunity to have the items removed. Any obvious dumps are also cleared.

If the Council has to remove any material from private land, the owner/occupier may be liable for this cost.

Suez handles the removal, by Friday evening, of all litter bins and mini recycling centres from:

  • the south boundary
  • Holland Park Avenue
  • Notting Hill Gate
  • all streets north to the borough boundary

Litter bins are removed as it is not possible to keep them emptied because the roads are closed.

Suez must have a skip vehicle and driver on standby on Friday and Saturday all day, and on the Sunday until noon. This is in case any builders skips within the Carnival area have to be removed.

For further information email: Carnival@rbkc.gov.uk