Library events

We have regular events for adults and children that happen every week or month in our libraries. We also hold a variety of special events throughout the year as well. Like to join a reading group? We have these for adults and children too.

Regular events for adults

These are regular events for adults held at Kensington Central, Brompton, Chelsea, Kensal, North Kensington and Notting Hill Gate libraries.

Special events for adults

Information about events for adults at your libraries in the borough. Booking is required for most events.

Regular events for children and young people

Find out more about the regular events for children and young people that are held at your local libraries.

Special events for children and young people

Information about special events for children and young people in our libraries.

Health events

Information about health events including advice and information that is available in our libraries.

Reading groups

Reading groups are available for those who enjoy reading and sharing their thoughts about books in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. There are reading groups for adults and children.


Information about Chatterbooks which are reading groups for children aged eight to 12 years old. The groups meet once a month.