Regular adults' events

These are regular events for adults held at Kensington Central Library, Chelsea, Notting Hill Gate, North Kensington, Brompton and Kensal libraries.

Please find below a list of the regular events that are held at your local libraries.

We have a range of computer help sessions in our libraries that are run by volunteers. There are classes for complete beginners and one to one drop in sessions for help with a particular IT issue.

See our regular health events.

Monday events

  • Brompton Library
    Games Club, every Monday, 6 to 7.30pm - games provided and all ages welcome
    Graphic novel reading group, second Monday of the month, 6.30pm
  • Chelsea Library
    Book Break, 6.15 to 7.45pm
  • Kensal Library
    Crochet/knit, 1 to 3pm 
  • Kensington Central Library
    Reading group, third Monday of the month, 6.15 to 7.30pm
  • Notting Hill Gate Library
    Reading group, first Monday of the month, 6.15 to 7.30pm

Tuesday events

Thursday events

  • Brompton Library
    Graphic novel reading group, first Thursday of the month, 6 to 7.15pm
  • Chelsea Library
    ESOL Reading and Conversation group, 3 to 4pm
    Reading group, third Thursday of the month, 6.30 to 7.30pm
  • Kensington Central Library
    Career/ CV advice, 10am to 4.30pm (45 minutes slots per person which must be booked in advance). This will next take place on Thursday 25 January 2018.
  • North Kensington Library
    Book Break, 3 to 5pm
  • Creative writing group The Creative Writing group at North Kensington Library is a welcoming place for aspiring writers. Attendees submit samples of their work to be discussed by the group. The group then gives constructive feedback while the group leader gives a more informed assessment with advice for improvement. The group always welcomes new members and the only requirement is that attendees are active writers. For more information see library staff or call 020 7361 3010.

    Every second Thursday, 6 to 7.45pm

Friday events

  • Chelsea Library
    Career/ CV advice, 10am to 4.30pm (45 minutes slots per person which must be booked in advance) This will next take place on Friday 26 January 2018.
  • Kensington Central Library
    IT help session, 10am to 12 noon

Saturday events