Internet access

Whether you want to check your emails, print a document, write your CV or just surf the Internet - all our libraries offer you access to ICT resources.

You can access the internet free of charge in all six of our libraries using our public PCs.

Read more about free wifi in our libraries

How to book a computer

We operate an automated booking system for using our computers. You will need your library membership number and PIN in order to book and use the computers.

You can book a computer by phone or by coming into the library. All of our branches have a computer you can use to book an internet session yourself.

You can also book a computer online

Starting your session on the computer

When you book your session you will be allocated a particular computer.

When your session is about to start your details will appear on the screen. Type in your library card and PIN and this will activate the session.

You will then see a screen outlining the conditions of use which you must accept before your session will start.

How long does a session last?

You can book a maximum of one hour per day free. This can be broken down in to smaller sessions, such as four 15 minute sessions, or two 30 minute sessions. Additional time of up to 60 minutes (1 hour) per day can be booked by library customers - £1 for 60 minutes, minimum additional paid time is 15 mins.

What happens if I am late for my session?

You should aim to arrive on time for your session, but if you do arrive late, you will have up to 10 minutes to log on and start your session.

After 10 minutes your session is cancelled and you will need to re-book your session. Another session may not be immediately available. You will also lose 10 minutes from your allocation.


In order to print select File and then Print. A dialogue box will appear alerting you the cost of the printing and ask you to see a member of staff for payment and collection.

New printing costs per sheet as of 1 March 2019:

  • A4 black and white - 20p
  • A4 colour - 80p
  • A3 black and white - 40p
  • A3 colour - £1.50

You are now able to print from your own laptop, mobile or tablet using wifi. To find out more visit our wifi printing page, or ask a member of staff.

Ending your session

Seven minutes before the end of your session a warning message will appear alerting you to save your work as your session will end soon.

Failure to act on this message will result in your work being lost. We can not recover your work after your session has ended.

When your session is over the computer will reboot and make itself ready for the next user.

Internet Usage policy

Internet Usage policy - Adult [PDF] (file size 34Kb)

Internet Usage Policy - Junior and Young Adult [PDF] (file size 35Kb)