Folklore collection

Myths, legends and cultures

Our folklore and customs archive is a fascinating collection and a useful resource for researchers and students.

The collection is based at Kensington Central Library and:

  • includes books published over three centuries
  • provides an insight into local cultures, traditions and legends
  • covers cultures from across the globe

We have books on:

  • world culture and traditions
  • the origins of dance, song, fable and games
  • world myths and legends
  • gypsy and traveller folklore tradition and culture
  • history of etiquette and deportment
  • religious traditions from across the world
  • esoteric traditions and superstition
  • feminist culture and history
  • chivalric tradition
  • Arthurian legend
  • arms and armoury traditions

Folklore journals

We also have a range of folklore journals including:

  • English Dance and Song
  • Folklore
  • Journal of American Folklore
  • Journal of the Folklore Institute

View the collection

Most of the collection isn't in the public reference area. If you're looking for specific books or folklore information, ask one of our staff who can search the collection for you.