Applicants and businesses

For application forms and further information relating to the Licensing Act 2003

Licensing Act 2003

Gambling Act 2005

  • Gambling Licences (Gambling Act 2005)

    The Gambling Act 2005 deals with the licensing of premises used for gambling (casinos, betting shops, gaming arcades and bingo halls and such like), the registration of small non commercial lotteries, and permits for…

  • Gaming Permits

    The Licensing Act 2003 deals with the licensing of premises and registered clubs where alcohol is sold or supplied, and regulated entertainment or late night refreshment is being provided

  • Lottery Registration

    Applications for registration for small society lotteries must be submitted on the correct form

  • Temporary Use Notices

    Temporary Use Notices must be submitted on the correct forms. The completed notice, together with the required fee, must be given to the licensing authority at least 3 months prior to the proposed event.

  • Gambling licence fees

    Gambling licence fees from 1 April 2019 - 31 March 2020

Special Treatment Licensing

  • Special Treatment Licensing

    If you run an establishment for 'special treatments' in the borough you may require a licence for your premises.

Other licences and registrations

  • Animal Licensing

    Information on licences for to sell pets, animal boarding establishments, dog breeding riding establishments, performing animals, dangerous wild animals and zoos

  • Explosives and Fireworks Licences

    Apply for licences to store explosives or fireworks, and to sell fireworks all year round

  • Starting a food business

    Information on how to register a food business which is free and can be done online or by post and enables the Council to give advice to food business operators.

  • Highways licences

    Information on highways licences which are required if you want to use any space on the public highway for private purposes.

  • Near Beer Licences

    Anyone wishing to run a "Near Beer Premises" in the borough will require a licence from the Council.

  • Occasional Sales (Table top and Car boot)

    Occasional Sales Licence (including car boot and table top sales)

  • Scrap Metal Dealers Licence

    Scrap Metal Dealers Licence information and application forms

  • Sex Establishment Licence Forms

    Information on the grant or renewal of a Sex Establishment Licence

  • Sunday Trading and Loading Consents

    Information on the Sunday Trading Act (1994), loading and unloading at large shops on Sunday and the application process required for consent.

  • Information for operators

    Information for process operators on how to apply for a permit or make a change to an existing permit. Also contains FAQs.

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