Carnival 2020


Anyone wishing to sell alcohol or operate a sound system at Notting Hill Carnival will require a premises licence if the number of persons attending will be more than 499, or alternatively, if the number of attendees is less than 500 persons, the organiser can submit a temporary event notice.

Premises licence applications should be submitted as early as possible and at least three months prior to the event. Further details of the application process and forms are available on the Premises Licence webpage.

The deadline for submission for a Standard Temporary Event Notice is 14 August 2020, however applicants are strongly advised to submit their Temporary Event Notice (TEN) earlier than this (two months notice is recommended) so that any issues or objections from the police or noise and nuisance team can be dealt with prior to the deadline.

Where the TEN is for an outdoor area a plan/map of the proposed area and site must be included. Applicants will also need to contact the Carnival Team on 020 7341 5762 or 020 7341 5133 to obtain a street trading permit. Further details are available on the Street trading at Notting Hill Carnival page.

The completed TEN should be sent, together with your payment of £21.00, to the Licensing Team, Council Offices, 37 Pembroke Road, London W8 6PW. The fee is to cover the processing of the application and is non-refundable in the event that the notice is withdrawn, invalid or subject to a counter notice. Cheques or postal orders should be made payable to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Unless the notice has been submitted via the on-line facility, a copy of the notice must be given at the same time to the Police Licensing Office and the Noise and Nuisance Team, also based at Council Offices, 37 Pembroke Road, London W8 6PW (If the premises where the event is to be held is in an area governed by two or more local authorities notifications must be submitted to each Police and Environmental Health authority).

Due to the special nature of the Notting Hill Carnival the police have advised that any person intending to submit a TEN within the footprint of Carnival and its environs should discuss their plans with police at the earliest opportunity. Police will object to notices which conflict with the general operational plan for Carnival and which are not made by an individual who is a personal licence holder or has successfully complete the personal licence training and examination.

Police enquiries should be addressed to PC Ian Davis at The Police Licensing Office, Council Offices, 37 Pembroke Road, London W8 6PW.

Licensing Team enquiries should be sent to:

See further information regarding Temporary Events Notices.

Apply Online

You can submit a Temporary Event Notice online by using the relevant link below. Once you have completed the form and uploaded any supporting documents and/or plans please proceed to pay online. The online form may only be used for notices submitted via the on-line facility .


Apply via Post

Temporary events notices form