Guidance notes

The list below shows all the relevant guidance notes to go with your application:


Guidance for Applicants Transfer without Consent (June 13).pdf53 KB03/06/2013 18:55
Guidance note for applicant (Gambling).pdf32 KB01/10/2013 16:31
Guidance for applicants (DPS variation) (June 13).pdf24 KB03/06/2013 18:56
Guidance for applicants (Transfer) (June 13).pdf24 KB03/06/2013 18:56
List of responsible authorities Oct 13.pdf38 KB24/10/2013 18:52
Licensing Act Guidance for Applicants - Plans submission.pdf28 KB05/10/2012 14:45
Guidance note for applicant -(Provisional Statement)(Gambling).pdf31 KB01/10/2013 16:31
Lotteries - Guidance Fact Sheet.pdf144 KB29/08/2012 11:13
Guidance for Applicants - Variation (June 13).pdf41 KB03/06/2013 18:56
Residents guide to Licensing - September 2013.pdf149 KB24/09/2013 18:53
Gambling Policy 2013 to 2016 final.pdf1,070 KB25/02/2013 10:59
Guidance note for applicant (Transfer Reinstatement)(Gambling).pdf31 KB01/10/2013 16:31
Foreword to SGP by Councillor Nicholas Paget Brown 2013.pdf28 KB25/02/2013 11:58
Guidance for Applicants - Minor Variation (June 13).pdf52 KB03/06/2013 18:56
Guidance for Applicants - Provisional Statement (June 13).pdf45 KB03/06/2013 18:56
Guidance for applicants - club premises certificate (June 13).pdf40 KB03/06/2013 18:56
Guidance for Applicants - Grant (June 13).pdf39 KB03/06/2013 18:56
Dept for culture media and sports - Guidance for Applicants275 KB26/10/2010 16:44
Gambling Act Guidance notes for Temporary Use Notice applications17 KB10/02/2014 15:02
Jargon buster for Licensing Act 200358 KB20/10/2010 15:37
Licensing Act Appealing licensing decisions46 KB20/10/2010 15:23
Licensing Act Guidance for Community Premises seeking the disapplication of the mandatory alcohol condition12 KB20/10/2010 12:43
Licensing Act Guidance for grant of a Personal Licence57 KB25/05/2011 11:00
Licensing Act Making Representations65 KB20/10/2010 14:52
Sex Establishment Rules governing applications31 KB20/10/2010 16:57
Sex Establishment Standard Conditions119 KB20/10/2010 16:57
Special Treatment Guidance notes for therapists23 KB20/10/2010 15:43
Special Treatment-Exhibition-Near Beer Guidance notes for annual licences31 KB20/10/2010 15:53
Special Treatment-Exhibition-Near Beer Rules Governing Applications85 KB20/10/2010 15:55
Tables and Chairs Guidance for Applicants176 KB08/04/2013 12:47