Council Tax - Change of circumstances form

This form is for residents who are moving into, or out of, the Royal Borough.

Fields marked with a * are required fields.

Change of circumstances

Your details

If you are moving from the Royal Borough to another area, , please give us your Royal Borough Council Tax Account Number. It can be found on your Council Tax bill in the top right hand corner. It is 10 digits long and starts with either a 1, 2, 3 or 4.

for example Mr, Mrs, Ms, Dr

Property details

In the following box please enter the address of the property within the Royal Borough that you are telling us about.

* Are you moving into, or out of, this property?

In the following box please tell us the date you vacated/moved into the above property

for example 01/08/2005

If you are providing advance notice of moving out of the Royal Borough, please provide your new address.

Rented property

If the property you mentioned above in "Address" is rented, please give the name and address of the landlord or managing agent.

for example 01/08/2005

for example 01/08/2005

Property has been sold

If the property you have vacated has been sold, please give the name and address of the new owner(s).

If the new owners have not yet occupied the property, please give their address.

for example 01/08/2005

Data Protection

The personal information you provide will be handled by the Council in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and will be used for the purposes of updating our records. This information may be shared with other Council Departments and external bodies for the prevention and detection of fraud and other purposes.


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