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Neglect Campaign with NSPCC

Neglect Campaign in Partnership with NSPCC

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Neglect matters booklet [PDF] (file size 1.65 MB)

It is not always easy to identify if a child is being neglected, or know what to do and raise concerns if you think that a child is at risk. The LSCB is working in partnership with the NSPCC on a campaign focused on neglect that aims to raise awareness and change behaviour among parents, children and practitioners who work with or look after children across Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster.

Neglect is the ongoing failure to meet a child's basic needs and is the most common form of child abuse:

  • A child may be left hungry or dirty, without adequate clothing, shelter, supervision, medical or health care.
  • A child may be put in danger or not protected from physical or emotional harm.
  • They may not get the love, care and attention they need from their parents.


A child who is neglected will often suffer from other abuse  as well. Neglect is dangerous and can cause serious, long-term damage - even death.

All families come under pressure from time to time. But increased or continued stress can seriously affect how well a parent can look after their child. Neglect happens when parents or carers can't or won't meet a child's needs. Sometimes this is because they don't have the skills or support needed, and sometimes it is due to other problems such as mental health issues, drug and alcohol problems or poverty.

The LSCB is keen to highlight to practitioners, as well as families, children and young people, the issues around neglect, how to spot the signs and ultimately ensure that the three boroughs do all they can to help  prevent neglect  and provide early help where neglect is identified.

Aims of the Neglect Campaign

The key aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of the signs, symptoms and impact of neglect on children and young people aged 0-18, with a specific focus on under 5s and adolescents. The campaign objectives are to:

  • Increase professional and public awareness of the nature of neglect and its impact on children and young people.
  • Ensure children, young people, families, professionals and the wider community are aware of sources of support and advice.
  • Maximise the capacity of universal services to effectively and safely support children and young people who are vulnerable to neglect.

Neglect Campaign Launch Conference

On the 24 May, the LSCB and NSPCC hosted a conference on neglect to launch the campaign. Over 250 professionals and volunteers from a range of agencies attended.

Read the Neglect conference Agenda [PDF] (file size 56.95 KB)




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Help Tools

These tools have been created to assist practitioners when working with families where neglect is a concern. Please fee free to use them where appropriate.