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Saturday Art Studio: A Passion for Drawing

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Leighton pencil study of a fruit tree branch

Event Information


25 September 2021


10am to 12pm BST (2hrs) every session

£20 per person

Workshop Series Details

Join us for the first two virtual workshops in our new Saturday Art Studio programme and learn how to translate what you see around you into beautiful art drawings. Led by London Fine Art Studios, our workshops offer a supportive learning environment in which you can learn new skills and techniques, while enjoying the well-being benefits of exploring your own creativity. All experience levels welcome and encouraged.

You can purchase tickets for a single workshop or take advantage of the 10% discount when booking a place in both sessions! 


Session 1: Trees and foliage with pencils

Saturday 18 September, 10am to 12noon (BST), Zoom

In this workshop we take inspiration from Frederic, Lord Leighton’s exquisite drawings of trees and foliage. His landscape oil sketches are very fresh and direct, working in a different technique to his large compositional figure paintings. His landscape drawings are more in-depth studies of trees and foliage and would most likely have been done en plein air, generally using pencil. The drawings are seemingly technically simple, using just pencil on paper, but they display a great depth of observational skill. Leighton’s purpose was the study and analysis of the rhythm and shapes of trees and plants, and to delight in the natural world. We will work together to understand the various ways we can use a pencil to translate nature.

Materials you will need

A variety of pencils, both Hard and Soft, eg HB, 6B .

Paper, any paper but often a heavier weight is nicer to work on and one with a little tooth. 


Session 2: Drapery and the figure with toned paper, chalk and charcoal

Saturday 25 September, 10am to 12noon (BST), Zoom

In this workshop, we will work from Frederic, Lord Leighton’s drapery studies and figure drawings using toned paper, charcoal, pencil and chalk. Rather than work from the life model, we will take inspiration from these rarely seen studies in the Leighton House collection. We will explore how we can use the tone of the paper and how to build up light and the dark to create form. Leighton used drapery studies as he worked towards the creation of his larger paintings, so we will also examine how to translate drawings into larger works.

Materials you will need

Graphite pencils of different grades, charcoal pencils, vine or willow charcoal, chalk pencil or chalk stick. A variety is good.  

Paper - toned paper is best.  If you don't have toned paper you can prepare your own using soft charcoal, a watercolour wash or a wash with coffee the day before. 


About London Fine Art Studios

London Fine Art Studios is an art school specialising in teaching the craft of drawing and painting, always working from life.  We teach the core principles of proportion, gesture, value and colour to a unique community of students and professional artists.  Our aim is to give our students a solid foundation so that they can have the freedom and confidence to develop their own style.

Both workshops are led by the Founder of London Fine Art Studios, Ann Witheridge. Ann studied art history at Christ’s College, Cambridge before moving to Italy to study art full-time. She is an expert tutor with over 20 years’ experience, teaching in the atelier tradition where artists and students work and learn alongside one another.


Are you under 30?

Join The Friends for 25% off our artist led workshops  (among many other benefits!). All members joining the Under 30’s level will receive an exclusive discount code to use at checkout when booking.


Please contact with any enquiries about these events.


Man drawing in the studio at Leighton House

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