Guide to neighbourhood planning

Is a neighbourhood plan right for you?

Is a neighbourhood plan right for you?

A neighbourhood plan is an effective way of getting involved in how your local area is developed. But it’s a big commitment and there’s a lot of work involved.

Before you start

Once you’ve submitted your plan, the Council will assess it along with other planning applications in your area. Before you start, think about your aims and ambitions. Make sure your plan has a clear purpose and can be delivered through planning policy.

Consulting your community

Neighbourhood plans affect everyone living and working locally. You need to consult people and businesses so that everyone can have their say - in the same way the Council consults on policy and development plans.

Publicising, consulting and gathering feedback can be time consuming and resource intensive so be realistic about what you might be undertaking.

Other ways to get involved

Neighbourhood plans are optional so don’t feel your area will miss out if it doesn’t have one. There are other ways to get involved and make a difference in your area such as:

Last updated: 29 November 2019