Ambitious for tomorrow

We all know that local government has in recent years been bearing the brunt of some pretty fierce public spending reductions, reductions made necessary by the 2008 financial crash and its fallout.

Those reductions have meant some difficult decisions for every council, Kensington and Chelsea included. But despite the age of austerity, the Royal Borough has so far managed to maintain its services to residents pretty well.

The three key reasons for this are:

  • long years of careful financial management: ingenious and hard-working officers and members have worked continually to get more out of each pound and man-hour, thereby enabling savings and efficiencies
  • sharing services with our neighbouring authorities: we are now sharing the management of the majority of our services with Westminster and Hammersmith & Fulham
  • expert stewardship of our land assets: we are increasing our income from our property and consolidating our operations into fewer buildings to reduce our running costs and release surplus buildings for sale, rent or development

It is for those very same reasons that we can also continue to have realistic ambitions for tomorrow: ambitions for new schools, ambitions for new homes and community facilities and ambitions too for continuing excellence.

You can find out more about those ambitions by reading our vision document Ambitious for Tomorrow, and by visiting our capital projects page.