Council and Police continue to tackle anti-social behaviour

Wednesday 15 April 2020

Kensington and Chelsea Council and the Metropolitan Police have reassured residents that the Coronavirus pandemic will not affect their support for those affected by anti-social behaviour or domestic abuse.

Cllr Emma Will, Lead Member for Community Safety, and Chief Inspector Simon Brooker, Neighbourhoods and Royal Parks, have pledged to continue working together to keep neighbourhoods across the borough safe.

In a joint statement, they said:

"The Coronavirus pandemic poses challenges for all of us and we are heartened to see so many wonderful examples of residents supporting each other through these difficult times.

"This community spirit is needed now more than ever and that is why we are asking you to be especially thoughtful about the impact of your actions on family, friends and neighbours during the national lockdown.

"Our current situation is extraordinary, but the laws around issues such as anti-social behaviour or domestic abuse – and the priority with which Kensington and Chelsea Council and the Metropolitan Police deal with them – remain the same.

"We will continue to work together to keep your neighbourhoods safe by responding to any reports of such offences during the period of isolation. If you need our help, call us.

"To perpetrators of anti-social behaviour or domestic abuse, we have one message - it was not tolerated before, it is not tolerated now and it will not be tolerated after.

"If you break the law during lockdown, we will use all of the powers at our disposal, including new COVID-19 measures brought in by the Government. You can still be arrested, charged and prosecuted.

"Coronavirus has caused a great deal of disruption and there is undoubtedly more to come, but by being considerate of our neighbours and looking out for the vulnerable in our communities we will come through this together."

In an emergency, anyone experiencing anti-social behaviour should always call 999 or textphone 18000. In non emergencies, call 101 or text phone 18001 101.

You can also report problems to your Neighbourhood Policing Team or contact the Council’s ASB team at

For advice and support if you’re concerned about domestic abuse, visit our page here.