Grenfell: Financial help

Financial help for people living in the area surrounding Grenfell Tower

If you live at one of the addresses listed below and you need financial help because of the fire at Grenfell Tower, you should telephone 020 7745 6464. This number is open from Monday to Sunday, 8.30am to 8pm.

  • Barandon Walk
  • Bramley House
  • Hurstway Walk
  • Testerton Walk
  • Treadgold House

You will speak to an adviser who will ask questions to identify you, and will check with information the Council holds about you, including details of any payments already made for your household.

If a payment is agreed, it will be in cash and an adviser will tell you how to collect it.

Grenfell Tower and Grenfell Walk

Former residents of Grenfell Tower or Grenfell Walk can access financial help through a key worker allocated to all residents. If you do not have a Key Worker or if you are not sure who your Key Worker is, please telephone 020 7361 3013.

Government help for Grenfell 

For more information see the Department for Communities and Local Government webpage - Grenfell Tower fire: support for people affected

See also Details of the Government's emergency £5 million Grenfell Tower Residents’ Discretionary Fund.