K&C Faith Communities Partnership has faith in the Covid-19 vaccine roll out

Monday 8 February 2021

As members of the Kensington and Chelsea Interfaith Forum, we are encouraging our communities to equip themselves with the facts and challenge any misinformation about the Covid-19 vaccine as it continues to roll out across our borough.

It is vital that you keep yourselves and your loved ones safe, so we are urging residents to follow the Government guidelines, take measures to keep yourselves well and seek information on the Covid-19 vaccine so you are ready when it is offered to you. This is a way of reducing infection which will help to benefit not just our family and friends but society more widely, a principle shared across all faiths. It is only by doing so will we beat this virus and get our lives back.

We know how hard it has been for many of our communities with many faith settings having to close and many feeling isolated as a result. We can’t wait until we are able to open our doors again and come together and worship safely once more. The vaccine plays an important part in making this become a reality.

As members of the K&C Faith Communities Partnership we will be receiving our vaccinations when we are invited to have them. The NHS is currently rolling out the Covid-19 vaccination programme in order of priority so please do be patient if you’ve not yet been contacted. You will be contacted by your GP when it is your turn.

There have been many rumours, misinformation and myths about the vaccine which we know have caused concern in some of our communities. Our Council has produced some frequently asked questions which will hopefully answer any queries you may have, so please do check them out.

One question that does come up quite often is do any of the approved vaccines contain animal products or eggs. The answer is no, they do not. They are also halal and kosher.

The approved vaccines have been through stringent clinical trials and safety checks that all other licensed medicines go through before being approved.

The last year has been a year like no other, we’ve all had to make sacrifices, spend time away from our loved ones and have missed out on big celebrations. This vaccine brings hope and it brings a light at the end of the tunnel. Please do all stay safe and hopefully it won’t be long before we’re all back together again.

Llisten to the Al Manaar discussing the vaccine in Arabic.