MyRBKC Local App is closing

MyRBKC is changing and we have introduced a new and revamped RBKC account which provides residents with an improved way of communicating with the Council.

As a result, we’re now going to be closing the MyRBKC Local App on Monday 30 September.

We’ve made lots of changes to our website, including improving the Report It forms and creating a new MyRBKC account. The system has been designed to display on smartphones and tablets so you access your account in much of the same way as the app.

MyRBKC allows users to:

  • Report and follow a request through its journey to being resolved
  • Provide updates to officers as the case is being managed
  • View a history of all reports

Find out more about the quick and easy to use Report It forms via the account online.

Thank you for using RBKC Local and we hope you’ll like the new features.

We will continue to research and develop in areas where we think our residents will benefit.