Kensington Town Hall refurbishment: What is being proposed?

Following the Grenfell Tower tragedy all Council projects were paused and reviewed for their suitability.

Initially the Council’s focus has been on providing new homes for those affected by the fire.

As a result of this situation a decision was made in October 2017 to drop plans for the Kensington Town Hall refurbishment project.

The proposed refurbishment has four main aims.

  • To significantly improve the Small Hall and the Great Hall to provide high-quality conference and events spaces and services making them competitive and increasing their revenue – which is much needed and will be put back into public services in the Royal Borough.
  • To reconfigure the Civic reception to enhance security and allow greater access control.
  • To make the civic spaces, and bookable spaces, more energy-efficient and reduce building running costs overall.
  • Create an inviting, open, social gathering space for residents, staff and visitors, and encourage a sense of community.