Nour Festival of Arts

21 October to 6 November

Nour Short Film Night

Leighton House Museum, 12 Holland Park Road, London W14 8LZ

Tuesday 25 October, 19:00 to 21:00

Tickets for this event have sold out and no tickets will be available on the door.

Eleven short films curated for Nour Festival by Yasmin El Derby
110 minutes running time

Gift of My Father (2015) Director: Salam Salman | Iraq | 6 minutes
A child relives his experiences of the Baghdad Blackwater shootings.

Lost (2015) | Director: Mohammed Alfaraj | Saudi Arabia | 6 minutes
A brief look at the life and struggles of the stateless Arabs in the south of Saudi Arabia

Maryam (2015) | Director: Zainab Ayon | Qatar | 12 minutes
A light-hearted take on a serious subject - exploring the pressure to be beautiful that faces women in the Gulf – and all around the world.​

Nation Without a Homeland (2015) | Director: Wareth Kwaish | Iraq  | 11 minutes
Filmmaker Wareth Kwaish goes in search of the family of a young Syrian refugee.

Love Blood Test (2015) | Director: Mostafa Sheshtawy | Qatar|  4 minutes
A comedy about the complications of marriage, even when Bahgat passes the love blood test, which is all you need to get married in the ‘Love City’, he is still faced with a challenge from his father in law to be.

Iraqi Superman (2015) | Director: Sajad Abbas | Iraq | 6 minutes
A tormented young boy thinks up a way to rescue his father from the notorious Abu Ghraib prison.

Dry Hot Summers (2016) | Director: Sherif Elbendary | Egypt | 30 minutes
Two strangers who accidently meet in a Cairo taxi have a more profound impact on one another than they could have imagined.

Start Now (2015) | Director: Anwaar Al-Shawabkeh | Jordan / UK​ |  4 minutes
Tired of witnessing domestic violence around her, Lina decided to put her martial arts skills at the disposal of women.

Ave Maria (2015) | Director: Basil Khalil |  Palestine | 14 minutes
A family of Israeli settlers have their car break down in a rural area of the West Bank, they have no choice but to call on the nearby convent to ask the nuns to help them get home.

Ana Djazairi (2016) | Director  Nadira Amrani | UK | 15 minutes
 A look at the aftermath of mass migration to the UK after Algeria's Civil wars.

Veganize It (2015) | Director: Khalid Salim | Qatar | 6 minutes
After a life-changing decision, Bakr has to break the news to his family and friends – will he be accepted or simply ridiculed forever?


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