Managing traffic and transport

Managing traffic and road safety

Transport and streets

Information for residents, visitors and local businesses on work and projects affecting roads and highways

Managing traffic

Managing traffic in the Royal Borough

Temporary Traffic Orders (TT0)

About temporary traffic orders, including application advice

Temporary Traffic Order (TTO) Application Form

Apply for a Temporary Traffic Order using our online application form

Mobile Lifting Operations (MLO)

Information about Mobile Lifting Operations (MLO)

Mobile Lifting Operation (MLO) Application Form

Apply for a licence to carry out a Mobile Lifting Operation on the public highway

Travel plans

Information on travel plans for schools, built in consultation with teachers, pupils and parents in the borough

Common suggestions for changes to traffic

Common suggestions for changes to local traffic changes

Car clubs

Information on the car club schemes happening independently in the borough

Electric vehicles

Information about electric vehicles in the borough, including location of on-street charging points and updates for resident permit holders

Policies and Strategies

Policies and plans related to transport and highways


Consultations past and current