Vehicles and roads

Vehicles and roads

To minimise the impact of building work on the highway, developers and builders need to make sure they understand the Council's requirements for vehicles and roads.

Details are outlined in the table below.

Read this alongside our advice for licences, plans and site layout.

Vehicles, movements and deliveries


Prevent mud and dust on roads





1. No vehicle should be left idling, this includes lorries waiting to enter or leave the site



1. Provide easily cleanable hard standings for vehicles entering, parking and leaving site



1. There should be no daytime or overnight parking of lorries, without Council agreement



1. Ensure any neighbours’ entrance ways and access are not obstructed


2. All skips and lorries leaving the site should be covered



2. Provide wheel washing facilities



2. A parking dispensation or suspension is required if loading or unloading occurs outside standard times permitted



2. Contactor may be required to provide lorry stickers to identify the site


3. Deliveries and removal of waste should be carried out during normal working hours, unless otherwise agreed, these are:

Mon-Fri 8am to 6.30pm

Sat 8am to 1pm

More restricted hours may be sought to avoid traffic peaks



3. For larger developments use an approved mechanical road sweeper.

Surface drainage from construction sites must not be allowed to run across the footway part of the public highway.



3. If suspension of one or more parking bays is required, you must submit an application to parking control



3. Street furniture must not be removed or relocated by the contractor.  This can only be done by the Council or its appointed contractor, on a re-charge basis.  If the furniture is electrical, 8 weeks must be allowed


4. Deliveries are not permitted on Sundays or Bank Holidays



4. Take steps to ensure that mud and detritus is not swept into gullies



4. View further parking related information in Parking suspensions



4. Prior permission for movements of abnormal loads is required from the Police (phone 020 8246 0931) and the Council must approve the route


5. Lorries are not permitted to park in designated loading areas



5. Refer to dust mitigation section of code





5. Skips should be delivered and collected within the normal working hours and preferably after 9.30 am. Any that are licensed to be on the highway must be lit at night.


6. Where possible, exit site in forward direction