Managing traffic

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is one of the smallest boroughs in London being around five square miles in area. It is also the most densely populated local authority area in England and Wales.

We are committed to reducing traffic congestion, and improving safety and well-being, so we support a wide range of initiatives to encourage active and sustainable modes of travel.

We offer a range of cycling incentives and work with local schools and businesses to develop their travel plans. We also support car clubs and the use of electric vehicles.

Parking is always an emotive issue in central London and we have a dedicated parking team that ensures the system is fair to all. Balancing competing demands for kerbside space is not easy but we review our parking and loading restrictions in response to requests from residents and businesses.

Occasionally, we receive requests or suggestions for changes to the traffic arrangements. Each request is considered on its own merit but within an established policy framework. Some topics are repeated frequently;

If you have concerns or suggestions about traffic in the Royal Borough please contact us at

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