Oversailing Licence

Oversailing License

Any structure which permanently overhangs the public highway must be licensed in accordance with Section 177 of the Highways Act 1980. This is often referred to as an oversailing licence. 

To apply for an Oversailing License, please email us at: Highways@rbkc.gov.uk, and include the below information as well as a covering note. There is no application form.

Required documents:

  • An undertaking to pay the relevant application fee which will be invoiced once the application has been validated. (The Council does not levy an ongoing licence fee).
  • A solicitor’s undertaking to cover the Council’s legal costs in drafting the licence (This fee can vary depending on your requirements and will be discussed during the application).
  • The applicant’s name and company details.
  • Confirmation of where the invoice for the application fee should be sent.
  • Details of the ownership of the site including land registry details.
  • A clear written description of each area of overhang including the height above ground level as well as the width and depth of each area.
  • Drawings which clearly identify the areas described in the written part of the licence.
  • Details of any relevant Planning Approval.
  • The method of construction of the structures.

Further information and guidance on Oversailing the Public highway can be found within Section 7.6 of the Council’s Transport and Streets SPD.

Transport and Streets Supplementary Planning Document