Blue Badge bay street list

Display your badge

You need to display your Blue Badge when you park in a disabled badge holder bay. During the limited hours, you must also display your blue clock in the vehicle.

Alphabetical list of locations

To view the location, open the Blue Badge bay map then use the map reference provided below to locate the bay on the map.

Blue Badge Bay map

You can also search for Blue Badge bays by area.

Street name Spaces Location PostcodeMap Ref.
Acklam Road1Under Westway, opposite MosqueW10 5YGC2
Allen Street 2Outside 195, WaterstonesW8 6BGC4
Allen Street 1Outside St Mark's Coptic Orthodox ChurchW8 6QYB5
Argyll Road3Junction with Kensington High StreetW8 7DBC4
Barlby Road1Junction with Ladbroke GroveW10 5LNB1
Basil Street 4Outside HarrodsSW3 1BBD6
Beauchamp Place 1Opposite number 29SW3 1NUD6
Bramerton Street 1Side of number 239 Kings RoadSW3 5JSC7
Bute Street1Outside number 31SW7 3EYC6
Bywater Street 1Opposite number 132 (junction Kings Road)SW3 4XDC7
Cadogan Gardens 1Outside number 39SW3 2TBD7
2Opposite number 39, outside Peter JonesSW3 2TBD7
Cale Street 1Opposite Elbourne House, outside entrance to St Luke's GdnsSW3 3SEC7
4Opposite Royal Brompton hospital (junction Dovehouse Street)SW3 6LYC7
Campden Hill Road 2Outside Bradford and Bingley Building Society (junction Kensington High Street)W8 7DSC4
Chelsea Manor Gardens 2Opposite Chelsea Sport CentreSW3 5EEC7
Clarendon Road1Juction with Portland RoadW11 4XQB3
Collingham Road1Outside St Jude's ChurchSW5 0NUB6
Cranley Place1Side of 99 -101 Old Brompton RoadSW7 3AEB6/C6
Dalgarno Gardens1Opposite number 14W10 6ADA1
Dalgarno Way 1Outside Block X Peabody EstateW10 5LGA1
Dovehouse Street 3Outside Royal Marsden Hospital, opposite numbers 149 - 153SW3 6LBC7
Dudmaston Mews 5Rear of Royal Brompton HospitalSW3 6JHC7
Eardley Crescent 1Outside number 73SW5 9JTA6
Earls Court Road1Outside number 284 (diagonally opposite junction Barkston Gardens)SW5 9ASB6
1Outside 80 (plant nursery) (opposite junction Scarsdale Villas)W8 6EQA5
Egerton Terrace1Outside number 5SW3 2BXC6
Elkstone Road 1Outside number 1W10 5XAC2
Exhibition Road 6Between Natural History and Victoria/Albert MuseumsSW7 5BDC6
6Opposite Science MuseumSW7 2PAC6
Flood Street1Outside number 15SW3 5STC7
Foulis Terrace3Opposite number 1-5SW7 3LZC7
Freston Road 1Outside number 187, Harrow ClubW10 6THA2
1Outside 80  W11 4BHA2
Fulham Road 2Outside 111 and 113 Crescent Mansions, (nearest junction Elystan Street)SW3 6RLC6
Glebe Place 1Side of 219 King's RoadSW3 5LBC7
Gloucester Road 1Outside number 68, opposite Elvaston PlaceSW7 4QTB5
Gloucester Road 1Outside number 114SW7 4SDB6
Golborne Road 1Outside number 18W10 5PWC2
1Outside the Number 10 Restaurant (former Prince Arthur Public House)W10 5PEC2
1Trellick Tower, 17 Golborne Road W10 5PAC2
Herbert Crescent1Outside number 12SW1X 0HBD6
Hillgate Street 2Outside number 1W8 7SPC3
Holland Park 1Opposite number 35W11 3TAB3
Holland Park Road1Opposite number 9a, near Leighton HouseW14 8NAB4
Holland Villas Road 1Opposite number 44W14 8DHA4
Hornton Street2Opposite numbers 52-54 (view limited stay period)W8 4NTC4
Hortensia Road1Opposite Hortensia House; outside K&C CollegeSW10 0QSB8
Iverna Court1Outside 28 to 44 Iverna CourtW8 6TRC4
Kenley Walk 1Outside number 29W11 4XGB3
Kensal Road 1Outside numbers 196 - 200 W10 5BSC1
Kensington Place1Outside numbers 5 to 6W8 7PTC3
Kings Road 2Outside 467/World's End Place (opposite junction Langton Street)SW10 0LEB8
1Outside number 359, nearest junction Milman StreetSW5 5ESB8
1Outside number 433 (junction with Ann Lane)SW10 0LRB8
Kingsbridge Road 1Outside number 20W10 6QFA2
Kingsdown Close 1Junction with Bartle RoadW10 6SLB2
Lancaster Road 2Outside 111-117 London Lighthouse, opposite number 160W11 1QTB2
1Outside 111 to 117 London Lighthouse, opposite 154W11 1QTB2
2Outside number 63-65, Clinic near Portobello Road junctionW11 1QGB2
1Outside Serbian Orthodox Church, side of Ladbroke LibraryW11 1QQB2
Latimer Road1Outside number 220W10 6QYA2
Lawrence Street 1Junction Cheyne Walk, opposite Carlyle MansionsSW3 5LSC8
Lennox Gardens 1Opposite number 67 Pont Street SW1X 0BDD6
Lincoln Street 2Opposite number 17, near Kings Road junctionSW3 2TSD7
Lots Road 1Opposite number 12, near junction with Cremorne RoadSW10 0QFB8
1Junction with Upcerne RoadSW10 0SFB8
Lowndes Square 1Outside number 48 to 49SW1X 9JXD6
Lowndes Street 1Outside Lowndes Court, opposite number 20SW1X 9JJD6
Malton Road 3Outside Westway Centre, near junction Malton MewsW10 5UPB2
Marloes Road1Outside number 2 W8 5LLB5/B6
Netherton Grove 6Opposite Chelsea and Westminster HospitalSW10 9TQB7
Nevern Road 1Flank of number 17 Nevern RoadSW5 9PHA6
Norland Road 2Side of Sikh Temple/ opposite 57 Queensdale RoadW11 4SGA3
Old Brompton Road 1Outside 296, near Warwick Road junctionSW5 9JFA6
Old Brompton Road 1Outside 212, Brompton LibrarySW5 0BXB6
Old Church Street1Outside number 80 Old Church StreetSW3 6EPC7
Oxford Gardens1Outside 34, north side (junction with Portobello Road)W10 5UGB2
Palace Gardens Terrace1Outside number 104 to 108W8 4RTC3
Pembridge Villas 1Opposite number 62, outside LibraryW11 3ETC3
Penywern Road1Flank of number 28 Warwick RoadSW5 9SXA6
Phillimore Walk 2Junction with Argyll RoadW8 7SAC4
Queen's Gate1Outside number 90SW7 5HDB6
Radnor Walk 1Side of 115 Kings RoadSW3 4BPC7
Roland Gardens 1Outside number 46SW7 3PWB7
Royal Hospital Road 1Outside Army Museum SW3 4HTC8
St Charles Square1Opposite Nos. 11 - 14 Balfour HouseW10 6EDB2
St Helen's Gardens 2Outside number 95, by Memorial Park entrance W10 6LJA2
St James's Gardens 1Outside number 49W11 4RAB3
St Mark's Road 2Opposite number 88, outside Memorial ParkW10 6BYB2
St Quintin Avenue 1Outside St Quintin's Health CentreW10 6NXA2
Scarsdale Villas 1Outside number 2, junction Marloes RoadW8 6PRB5
Sedding Street 2Outside Holy Trinity ChurchSW1X 9DED7
Silchester Road 2Outside Whitstable HouseSW10 6SBA2
Sirdar Road 1Outside number 91-93W11 4EQA3
Sloane Terrace 1Side of 150 Sloane Street SW1X 9DQD7
Stanhope Gardens1Junction with Stanhope Mews WestSW7 5RDB6
Sydney Street 4Outside Royal Brompton HospitalSW3 6NHC7
Victoria Road1Outside number 8W8 5RDD4
Wallingford Avenue1Outside number 19W10 6QAA2
Walmer Road 1Outside number 223W11 4EYB3
Walton Street 1Outside number 95SW3 2HPC6
Waynflete Square 1Junction with Bramley RoadW10 6UXA2
1Outside block 80 to 90, west end of roadW10 6UHA2
Wedlake Street1Junction with 190 Kensal Road W10 5BNC1
Westbourne Park Road1Side of 216 Portobello Road W11 1LJC2
Westgate Terrace 1Outside number 10 Redcliffe Street (view limited stay period)SW10 9DTB7
Wornington Road1Outside Kensington & Chelsea CollegeW10 5FWB2
Wrights Lane 3opposite junction with Iverna Court W8 6TAC4
Young Street 3Near junction with Kensington High StreetW8 5EHC4

Blue Badge disabled bays with limited parking stays

Blue Badge holders may park in these bays from Monday to Saturday, between 8.30am and 6.30pm. You can park for free whilst displaying your disabled badge and clock up to the maximum stay indicated below. 

The bays become available for use by all motorists after 6.30pm Saturday until 8.30am Monday.

Maximum stay: Two hours only
Street nameBaysLocationPostcodeMap Ref.
Hornton Street2Opposite numbers 52 - 54   W8 4NTC4
Maximum stay: Four hours only
Street nameBaysLocationPostcodeMap Ref.
Westgate Terrace2Outside 10 Redcliffe street     SW10 9DTB7

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Disabled bay summary
Total number of locationsTotal number of bays
109 167