Pay by phone FAQs

Here you will find frequently asked questions on pay be phone parking

How do I register? Register by downloading the PayByPhone app (IOS/Android) these can be found on the Apple/Play Store. Registration is simply and easy, you will need a telephone number, email address and payment card - Visa or MasterCard. (American Express, Diners Club and JCB cards are not accepted) You can view your parking history, obtain receipts, view charging details and amend optional SMS/emails from your customer account via the cashless parking website. Alternatively, you can register by calling 020 7023 9078.

How much does cashless parking cost?  The service costs three pence on top of the parking tariff. You are charged for each parking session that is created or extended. Optional SMS are available at an additional cost: ten pence for each confirmation SMS and four pence for each reminder SMS.

How do I pay for my parking session?  The easiest and quickest way to pay is via the PayByPhone app, or via the website. Alternatively you can pay by calling 020 7023 9078.

How do I know which location code to enter? The five digit location code, beginning with an 8 or a 9, will be clearly displayed on the sign for  that parking bay.


When do the parking charges apply in a cashless parking bay? Cashless parking bays operate in exactly the same way as pay & display bays. Charges apply during the normal controlled hours. These are clearly marked on zone entry signs and sign in the parking bay.

Can I cancel a parking session early and get a refund? No.  As with pay and display machines, payment is made upfront for parking and cannot be refunded.

How long can I park for? You should check the time plate for that space to find out what the maximum stay for parking is.

How will the parking attendant know that I have paid? Our officers make an electronic check of the vehicle’s registration using their hand held devices.

Can I correct the location/duration/vehicle licence plate, if I have entered the wrong details by mistake?  Text STOP to 65565 within 5 minutes to cancel an active parking session. After 5 minutes from the start of a parking session, users are unable to change any parking details and a new session should be started with the correct details.  

Can I transfer unused time to another parking location?  No, time cannot be transferred to another location. If you wish to park in another location, a new parking session should be started.

What to do if you received a PCN  If you received a ticket, please check your transaction to ensure that the location, license plate/stall and time, corresponds with the information listed on the notice.
Follow the directions on the ticket. Should you need to access your parking transaction history, please login to Paybyphone  . If you login to the account and do not see a transaction, it is possible that the transaction was not confirmed. It is important to wait for a confirmation message to appear. If you are on the IVR (automated telephone service), the message will state ‘your transaction has been processed.’ If you are on the mobile web/App, a message is displayed stating ‘Your parking has been started.’

If you received a ticket despite a valid parking payment, please provide all the information/evidence you have and make a representation.