Lost or damaged parking permits

Information on how to get a replacement parking permit if your permit has been damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen.

Damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen permits

We charge £25 to replace your permit if it has been damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen. The replacement will be valid for the life of the original permit and for the same vehicle.

If your vehicle has been stolen and you have now have a new vehicle, you will be charged £25 to replace the stolen permit providing you have given us the crime reference number, date and station the vehicle was reported stolen.

If you have purchased a new vehicle and do not have the old permit to return to us, you will be required to pay £25 for the lost permit and you will need to apply and pay the full cost of a new permit. If there is any time left on the old permit, this will be lost.

Reporting Fraudulent Permit Use

If you think that someone is using a resident parking permit they are not entitled to, please call the Fraud contact number 020 7361 4231 and leave a message. We will keep your details confidential.

For any other parking enquiry, please call 020 7361 4381.