Parking Suspension fees to increase April 2019

The Royal Borough is increasing the charges for suspending a parking bay from 1 April 2019.

The suspension fee is chargeable per day and per space, with fees increasing to discourage long term suspensions. The new fee per space will be £56 for each of the first 5 days, then £84 daily from day 6 to day 42 and £112 daily from day 43 upwards.

These changes are a consequence of the increase that will take place at the same time to charges for parking in pay and display bays. This is to prevent users from suspending a bay for a day as a cheaper alternative to using pay and display parking.

The non-statutory fees charged for issuing a licence or permit for the highway will also increase. The skip licence fee increases to £95 and the cost of a licence to erect either scaffolding or hoarding or to place plant or materials on the highway will be £165 per application.

Applications for a suspension request or highway licence at the current fees must be submitted and received by us before 3pm on the last working day, 29 March 2019.

Further information about parking suspensions and how to apply, is available on the Parking suspensions page.