Suspension fees

Fees for Parking Suspensions

Fees for suspending parking spaces increase from 1 April 2019

Parking Suspensions

Chargeable days

Current fees (per day, per space*)

From 1 to 5 days


From 6 to 42 days


From 43 or more days


Suspension Admin charges


Current fee      

Cancelling a suspension before the suspension sign is posted



Cancelling after the suspension sign has been posted



Charge for any change to the suspension on street sign after the suspension sign has been posted (per application)


Charge for the second or subsequent change made to an application where the suspension sign has not been posted on street.



Licence Admin Fees

New fees apply from 1 April 2019


New fee

Builders skips


Plant and material


Temporary structure


*available as either a marked bay or a 16 feet (five metres) space.

All credit and debit cards accepted (excludes Amex or Diners Club cards).