Roads and Pavements

The Council takes its responsibility for its public realm very seriously. Our standards of highways maintenance are amongst the highest in the country as is our street lighting, and we are strict about licensing works on the highway.

Maintaining roads and pavements

Information on our programme to maintain roads and pavements in the borough.


Information on road and street works taking place in the borough including utility companies' contact details.

Temporary structures

How to apply for a licence for a temporary structure licence or to store materials or plant, including information about costs and conditions.

Abandoned vehicles

Information about penalties for abandoning a vehicle on the public highway.

Street lighting

Information about street lighting design in the borough.

Highway status enquiries

Information about full land charge searches, CON29 enquiries and highway status enquiries.

Advice for scaffolders

Advice for scaffolders working in Kensington and Chelsea.

Section 58 restrictions

Information about Section 58 notices which are served on all statutory undertakers who dig up roads and carry out work in the borough.

Highways enforcement

Our Highways Enforcement Team deal with highways obstructions (not parking) and temporary structures offences.

Managing construction traffic

Information about submitting a Construction Traffic Management Plan (CTMP) for parking availability and road safety.

List of streets

A list of streets in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Dropped kerbs

Dropped kerbs help wheelchair and mobility scooter users.