Cost of fees

Skip licence, highway licences and dispensation fees

Please note that the application fees for a highway licence, skip licence or a renewal must be paid for each period requested.

The fees from 1 July 2020 are:

Skip licence
 Fee per applicationMin. licence period

Max. licence period

Builders skip licence      £1211 day3 months    


Highway licences
 Fee per applicationMin. licence periodMax. licence period
Temporary Structure licence£2761 day3 months 
Plant and Materials licence£2761 day3 months    

Please note that all fees apply per application per period requested.


All suspension charges and deposits are in addition to the above.

We issue these licences, and skip renewals, for any period (1 day up to a maximum of three months) per application. 

Yellow line dispensations are charged daily on the same basis as a suspension fee and must be paid for on approval.