Green Flag Award

The prestigious Green Flag Award is the national benchmark for parks and green spaces. Several of our parks have achieved Green Flag status.

Green Flag Award

In 2001 Holland Park was awarded its first Green Flag – the national benchmark for parks and green spaces. Since then Kensington Memorial Park, St Luke's Gardens, Cremorne Gardens, Westfield Park, Little Wormwood Scrubs and Gunnersbury Cemetery have also achieved Green Flag Status. As part of the Ten Year Parks Strategy, by 2015 the borough's eight major parks will have all gained Green Flag Status.

The criteria for this prestigious award require the park authorities to demonstrate both on paper and by annual inspection:

  • that it is a welcoming place
  • that it is a healthy, safe and secure place
  • that it is a well-maintained and clean place
  • that is a sustainable environment with sustainable management practices in place
  • that attention is paid to the conservation and heritage of the site
  • that there is community involvement
  • that the park is well marketed and promoted
  • that the park is in possession of a management plan and that there is evidence that this is being used.

Our current flags are therefore flown with pride by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.