Conservation area appraisals

The Council is preparing conservation area appraisals which will update all the existing conservation area proposal statements. The purpose of the appraisals is to record those aspects of the Borough’s conservation areas which make a particular contribution to its character and appearance and should be preserved or enhanced. The special character of these areas does not come only from the quality of their buildings. Elements such as the historic layout of roads, paths and boundaries and characteristic building and paving materials all contribute to the familiar and cherished local scene. In addition to these positive features the appraisals also record any negative features of the conservation area which indicate opportunities for future enhancement.

There is a common thread to how these issues are managed across all conservation areas and specific policies in relation to how we manage these issues are in the Core Strategy. So far the following conservation area appraisals have been produced or are at different stages of preparation -

Completed Conservation Area Appraisals

Current Consultations

Closed Consultations