Architecture appraisal panel

To assist us in protecting the architectural heritage of the area, we have a special Architecture Appraisal Panel which meets regularly to consider and advise upon major development proposals in the area. The members of this panel are distinguished and experienced professionals with a wealth of knowledge about the area.

The remit of the Architecture Appraisal Panel is:

  • to evaluate and advise on the architectural and urban design merits of key development proposals, streetscape and other public realm projects and Supplementary Planning Documents involving design matters
  • to promote  and publicise high quality architecture and urban design in the Royal Borough, and
  • to make representations to the Planning Inspectorate where necessary

The panel has been meeting on a monthly basis since March 2008 and comments on development proposals, some at pre-application stage and others after the application has been submitted. There is a pool of 24 panel members of whom 6-8 attend each meeting. 

The Panel is invaluable to both Council Members and Officers in ‘raising the bar’ in achieving quality contemporary architecture in the Royal Borough.

To find out more about the Panel, please call the Conservation and Design Team on 020 7361 2573.