The Vanguard Group

A small group of Chelsea residents has been working with the Chelsea Society and a team of Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea planners and Councillors on a project, known as Vanguard, which aims to reconcile the desire to enlarge homes – particularly by means of basement extension - with the impact this has on neighbours and on the special architectural character of the area.

The initial intention was to produce a Local Neighbourhood Plan to shape high impact development within three Borough wards: Royal Hospital, Hans Town and Stanley.

However, in recent months the group has concentrated its efforts on working with the Council and seeking to influence the revision of those of its policies and procedures which relate to basement development right across the borough.

The group’s representations made to the Council’s ‘Draft Basements Policy’ and the ‘Basements Issues Paper’ are available for download below:

Draft Basement Policy Comments [PDF] (file size 93Kb)

Basements Issues Paper [PDF] (file size 55Kb)

Further formal representations will be made in relation to the Council’s ‘draft’ basement policies, which are expected to be published at the beginning of December 2012.

A summary of what the Markham Square residents consider to be the principal salient issues with regards the revision of the Council’s basement policy can be downloaded below:

Basement policy [PDF] (file size 127Kb).

The future case for a Local Neighbourhood Plan will be considered in light of the Core Strategy policies which are finally adopted.