Original documentation for the Redevelopment of the Earl's Court Exhibition Centre Site

Here is the list with the documents that were originally submitted for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (Application 1). Please note that some of the documents below are very large files (up to 10MB) and may take time to download. Please be patient. If you experience any problems viewing these documents, please email us on planning@rbkc.gov.uk.

Summary of the Proposals

Cover Letter

Planning Application Forms

Access Plans

Community Engagement and Appendices (1 through 7)

Cultural Strategy- (Parts 1 through 6)

Design & Access Statement- (Sections 1 through 5)

Design Guidelines- (Sections 1 through 5c)

Design Guidelines Worked- Examples (1 through 14)

Development Specification

Energy Strategy

ES Volumes I, II, III and Non Technical Summary 

Estate Management Strategy

Housing Statement

Office Market Assessment

Parameter Plan- (Various sub sections)

Planning Statement

Retail & Leisure

Sustainability Strategy

Transport Assessment and Appendices (A through S)

Utility Services Infrastructure

Waste Strategy

The main plans and documents submitted with both applications fix the content, layout and form of the development.

The Development Specification describes the main elements of the proposal and includes a description of each planning application document.

The “Parameter Plans” divide the application sites into a series of separate smaller development plots, divided by proposed key streets and open spaces. Each plot has an individual reference number. This reference number is used throughout the planning application documents to provide information about what might happen in each individual plot. The parameter plans explain the proposed limit and constraints for each individual plot of land within which further detailed proposals would have to be contained (e.g. maximum building height).

The Design Guidelines provide a framework of rules for the later detailed design of development within each plot of land. The Guidelines contain more detailed information than the Parameter Plans demonstrating how buildings, open space and streets should be designed. At this stage planning approval is only being sought for these rules; detailed designs will be the subject of future applications and consultation.

The Access Plans define the proposed access points and junctions into the site from the surrounding streets and include proposed improvements to existing streets and junctions

Page updated: 7 March 2012