Planning application search

You've arrived at this page because you have followed a link to Public Access by idox

Following feedback from users we're working with our supplier to improve the functionality you need to be able to access information on planning applications. Therefore, the link to Public Access is currently offline.

Access our Simple Search function where you can view and comment on planning applications without logging in.

If you wish to receive notifications about new applications, please continue to use and set up these alerts via MyRBKC. You no longer need to register with Public Access to make a comment on an application.

If you were tracking existing applications you will no longer receive an email notification of document updates, however if you are registered with MyRBKC for specific areas or streets, you will still receive notification of status changes.

If you have arrived at this page because of a link in an email, please continue to 'search' and enter your criteria (eg address, planning reference or ward) to find the record you need. 

Please email if there is an issue with the email link.