Planning applications

Includes guidance and advice, objections and enforcement, obligations for developers, and naming and numbering considerations.

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Guidance and advice

  • How to make a planning application

    Steps you need to take to submit a planning application

  • Planning advice service

    Information about our pre-application planning advice service which could help save you time, money and stress.

  • Make a naming and numbering application

    Information on how to make a naming or numbering application including an application pack which you can download.

  • Planning Enforcement

    Information and advice on planning enforcement, including government guidance, how to report a breach and our Local Enforcement Plan. The Local Enforcement Plan sets out our approach to Planning Enforcement; it explains…

  • How the planning application process works

    Information on each stage of the planning application which differs per request. The typical process is illustrated in a flowchart.

  • When a decision is made

    Once you have received your decision, please read the information below to ascertain if there is anything else you must do before proceeding with your development.

Considerations and obligations for developers

  • Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

    Information on the Community Infrastructure Levy, and your obligations when making planning applications.

  • Flooding Planning Policies

    Information on planning policies and flood risk documents including strategic flood risk assessments and surface water management plans.

  • Planning Performance Agreements

    Information on planning performance agreements which are made up of advice from the Council for large and complex developments.