Planning Policy

The Council's current and emerging planning policies and guidance, current and past consultations and supporting documents.

Planning Policy and Guidance

  • Local Plan

    Information about the existing Local Plan and the emerging Local Plan Partial Review which is expected to be adopted later in 2018.

  • Unitary Development Plan

    Information about the Unitary Development Plan (UDP) policies which remain as part of the Development Plan.

  • St Quintin and Woodlands

    Information about the Neighbourhood Plan and the St Quintin and Woodlands Neighbourhood Forum.

  • Norland Neighbourhood Plan

    Information about the Norland Neighbourhood Plan including documents which can be downloaded.

  • The London Plan

    The London Plan is the overall strategic plan for London, produced by the Mayor of London.

  • Supplementary Planning Documents and Guidance

    Information on borough-wide and place-specific Supplementary Planning Documents and Guidance (SPDs and SPGs) which provide guidance on the Council's planning policies and processes.


Emerging Place-Specific Policy and Guidance

Other policy documents

  • Section 106

    Information about Section 106 or 'planning obligations' agreements.

  • Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

    Information on the Community Infrastructure Levy, and your obligations when making planning applications.

  • Flooding and Drainage

    Information about flooding and drainage planning policies and the Council’s role as Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA). The Mayor of London organised the London Flood Awareness Week which runs from 12-18 November 2018. It involves a partnership of the Mayor of London, Environment Agency, Thames Water and London Resilience working together to improve awareness of flood risk and help Londoners get prepared ahead of the winter months.

  • Monitoring Report

    Shows the progress of planning policies and includes information on population and demography and notable large developments.

  • Brownfield Land Register

    Information about the Council’s Brownfield Land Register

  • Local Development Scheme

    The Council's timetable for planning policy documents over coming years.

  • Involving People in Planning (IPIP)

    Information about how people can engage with the planning system, including through planning applications, planning policy and neighbourhood plans.

  • Article 4 Directions

    Information about Article 4 Directions with the current list of developments.

  • Change of use from Office to Residential

    Information about regulation changes relating to permitted development rights for change of use from office to residential.

  • Carbon Offset Fund

    Guidance on the Zero Carbon Homes Standard and the Council's Carbon Offset Fund.