Planning Policy

The Council's current and emerging planning policies and guidance, current and past consultations and supporting documents.

Planning Policy and Guidance

  • Local Plan

    Information about the existing Local Plan and the emerging Local Plan Partial Review which is expected to be adopted later in 2018.

  • Unitary Development Plan

    Information about the Unitary Development Plan (UDP) policies which remain as part of the Development Plan.

  • St Quintin and Woodlands

    Information about the Neighbourhood Plan and the St Quintin and Woodlands Neighbourhood Forum.

  • Norland Neighbourhood Plan

    Information about the Norland Neighbourhood Plan including documents which can be downloaded.

  • The London Plan

    The London Plan is the overall strategic plan for London, produced by the Mayor of London.

  • Supplementary Planning Documents and Guidance

    Information on borough-wide and place-specific Supplementary Planning Documents and Guidance (SPDs and SPGs) which provide guidance on the Council's planning policies and processes.


Emerging Place-Specific Policy and Guidance

Other policy documents

  • Section 106

    Information about Section 106 or 'planning obligations' agreements.

  • Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

    Information on the Community Infrastructure Levy, and your obligations when making planning applications.

  • Flooding and Drainage

    Information about flooding and drainage planning policies and the Council’s role as Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA).

  • Monitoring Report

    Shows the progress of planning policies and includes information on population and demography and notable large developments.

  • Brownfield Land Register

    Information about the Council’s Brownfield Land Register

  • Local Development Scheme

    The Council's timetable for planning policy documents over coming years.

  • Involving People in Planning (IPIP)

    Information about how people can engage with the planning system, including through planning applications, planning policy and neighbourhood plans.

  • Article 4 Directions

    Information about Article 4 Directions with the current list of developments.

  • Carbon Offset Fund

    Guidance on the Zero Carbon Homes Standard and the Council's Carbon Offset Fund.